Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lego Duplo's Toy Story Sets

I'm seriously considering buying the Lego Duplo sets 5657 (Jessie's Round-Up) and 5658 (Pizza Planet Truck). This week, Zellers has a BOGO 50%-off promo for Toy Story Lego sets. Plus 15% off if I would apply for their credit card.

But then again these sets where on sale at Walmart around the previous Holiday Season but sadly I missed it or have a different interest that time. I still need to think about getting these sets as price is a bit steep for me, maybe I should wait for deals eh?

Lego 5657 Jessie's Round-Up $20 

I like this set for my daughter. I do hope Lego will do more sets for little girls other than in the Duplo line. Plus points for this set: The female minifigure and the only set with the horse.

Lego 5658 Pizza Planet Truck $27

This one for my son. He's a big Buzz Lightyear fan. I'm glad that this set comes with the Alien minifigure, and the truck has a removable back.

Here's the rest of the over-priced Lego Duplo Toy Story sets that were released last year (2010):

Lego 5659 The Great Train Chase $40

Lego 5691 Alien Space Crane $55

All photos from http://www.brickset.com

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