Sunday, March 27, 2011

LEGO 8014 - Clone Walker Battle Pack

I was thinking of buying the Lego set 7913 but decide to wait until it will go on sale, MSRP is like $15. Then I saw this Lego set 8014, from Chapter/Indigo's online store for $13. I got a $5-off coupon so I ordered it together with the Camper (7639). It's free shipping for orders above $25. 

Here are the photos of the box.

Lego 8014 - Front of the Box

Lego 8014 - Back of the Box

Inside there are 3 packets and the build instruction. Here are the pieces.

Inventory of Pieces

The smaller guns are a little bit hard to place on the minifigs hands. I literally hate the black pieces on the lower right of the above photo. The body armor is assymetric, and I still yet to figure out the use of those 4 smallest black pieces.

Lego 8014 - Minifigures

I like the minifigures although not crazy about them. The head pieces are easily removed. Plus points for the body prints and hand weapons.

Lego 8014 - Clone Walker

Here you could see the walker, and the extra pieces. I like that there are some colors. The pentagon pieces at the front where the 2x2 circles are attached are a bit loose, I'm not sure what the looseness is for.

Lego 8014 - Legs of the Clone Walker

Here's the set without the 2 stickers on the 2x2 circles.

Lego 8014

Conclusion: Nice set actually. I like almost all aspects of it.

Rating: 8/10

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