Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lego 7566 Farmer

Source: Brick Link
Price: $3.49 

Let's start the show!

Lego 7566 - Front of the Box Packaging

Lego 7566 - Inventory of Pieces

The box says 16 pieces but here we have 18. Go figure!

Lego 7566 - Assembled

Lego 7566 - Top View

Now some details on the minifigures:


Lego 7566 - Dog and Pig

 Here we can see how the animal's feet fit and lock on the base plate studs.

Lego 7566 -  Pig

Lego 7566 - Hog's Feet

The Farmer

Lego 7566 - The Farmer wearing a (different) hat

Lego 7566 - Farmer's Printed Torso both front and back sides

Conclusion:  Nice little set. You get 2 animals and the farmer. The pig is cute. Plus points for the farmer's printed torso. Go get it!

Rating: 10/10

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