Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lego 3677 Red Cargo Train

Last Friday TRU started their week-long 20%-off sale on all Lego City sets.
I've been dying to get a power function train which are mostly TRU exclusives.

So I ordered the Passenger Train (7938) which is priced at C$170 on both the Canadian Lego and TRU websites. The Red Cargo Train (3677) which is C$220 on the Lego shop was not yet available then on the TRU website.

The next day someone posted at a forum that set 3677 is now available on the TRU website for the amazing price of C$175, just 5 dollars above the 7938 price. It was OOS though ever since. The US pricing for these sets are $130 and $160. This means that with the 20%-off promo 3677 comes to C$158 (tax included), which is below US MSRP, and is the best thing that ever happened to Canada in recent times.

Sunday, I called my local TRU store and inquired about 3677. The guy told me that they have 4 units but they are still on the truck waiting for those lousy employee to unload them. I went to the store anyways to get a rain check. Although on the phone the guy already got my name and put me on a reservation list. Monday, I called again, sets still on truck, employees still lousy, call them tomorrow. Tomorrow came which is today, and I just went to the store to check if 3677 is now on the shelf. Lo and behold, still nothing! Although I noticed they have been rearranging their shelf items. But no spot for 3677 otherwise they have put a display price somewhere.

I went to customer service, ready for the bad news of lousy employees. The clerk can not check from their computer if they have 3677 though I told her the guy 2 days ago already told me that they have 4 units on the truck. She doesn't promised anything but said she'll look at the truck, and mentioned that it's a file and file of boxes there and it would be hard to figure out where 3677 is in that haystack of boxes.

She came back holding a fresh box. I immediately paid for it. On my way out I saw CMF Series 5, but I already have what I wanted. Left the store smiling. Big time.

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