Saturday, August 27, 2011

Duplo Purchases This Week

I purchased some Lego Duplo sets this week from TRU's 25%-off sale.

The first one is an easy decision. Nurse's Car, $12.99 + 25%-off.
I think the minifig looks great, and very likable for girls.
The car looks nice too plus you get the light blue suitcase and pink flower. 
Lego 5793 Nurse's Car

Photos from Brickset

The second is just to get the Pooh minifig.
Some honey, and french bread too.
Lego 5945 Winnie the Pooh's Picnic

The last one is to just complete the major characters at least.
Tigger and Piglet, the boat, plus more building blocks.
Lego 5946 Tigger's Expedition

I thought of getting the Toy Story sets too (Jessie's Round-Up and Pizza Planet Truck) but they are on clearance, so excluded from the 25%-off sale. My guess is that they will be cheaper soon so I just need to wait for the right time.

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