Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lego Store at Sherway Gardens

I went there Saturday the 14th. It was raining. The line-up just to get inside the store is an hour and a half long, and I knew then all the mini-figure giveaways are all gone. The line to the cashier is another pain in the brick. So I just took photographs, and here they are.

Lego Store at Sherway Gardens

I didn't know Lego have this theme.

Buzz, Woody, and RC from Toy Story

A Yoda Keychain!

Small Hand

Medieval Market Village

The Lego Brick

Brick Wall


  1. Is this the brick wall at the Sherway Gardens store? They do seem to have a good selection.

  2. Yes. I didn't look long, but from what I remember, lots of nice colors, some ladder, transparent pieces.