Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lego Minifigures Series 5 - Top 3 Picks

Here my Top 3 Pick for this Series!

1. Sherlock Holmes. I'm a big fan of detective stories, and the BBC series Sherlock.
2. Gangster. One word: Gessato.
3. The Graduate. Hopefully I'll finish my PhD this year! This is just in time eh?

Okay. So here's my next three, anyways.

4. Clown. The hat can be used for female minifigs, while the pie looks delicious.
5. Cleopatra. To be paired with Series 2 Pharaoh.
6. Flintstone Girl. To be paired with Caveman from Series 1.

And these are the ones I will buy in pairs.

7. Boxer. Two words: Manny Pacquiao.
8. Royal Guard. I don't have any Castle sets but Marge Simpson will be thrilled with this head piece.

My take on the rest of the collection:

These are basically reincarnations. It's a bit tiring to see another snowboard, another beanie,  another sword, another shield, another animal suit, another fishing rod, another fish (and not in new color either), and the same female hair pieces. But let's focus on the positive here.

Snowboarder has nice color combination for his torso and legs, and thank goodness he's wearing goggles this time. Drawf has 2 bladed axe, nice helmet, and beard. Dinoman has nice green color, that's it. Warrior has nice square sword and helmet. On this set I might get Dwarf and Dinoman.

Eskimo has nice tan color body and nice headpiece. Zookeeper has a monkey. Aerobics Girl has a boombox. Since that cute monkey is a must I will get the Zookeeper.

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