Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Sets - Birthday (10814) and Pastry Chef (10811)

I was looking for Lego sets for my daughter when I saw this Hello Kitty sets from Mega Bloks. We all know that: (1) Lego is primarily for boys, (2) Mega Bloks is not as good as Lego, and (3) Hello Kitty is ultra cute. If you agree on all these statements, then continue reading.

The price tag for these 7-piece sets is C$4.99, and these are the smallest among the Hello Kitty sets. Lucky me, they're on sale at Toys R Us this week - Buy One, Get One Free!

Set 10814: Birthday
Mega Bloks Hello Kitty 10814 Birthday 

Set 10811: Pastry Chef
Mega Bloks Hello Kitty 10811 Pastry Chef 

These Mega Bloks sets are compatible with Lego. I don't expect so much from these sets with regards to quality. The paint job alone is not that good. But I guess Mega Bloks is one step ahead here in terms of theme (They also have Smurfs!). Definitely cute. Buy them when they go on sale.

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