Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lego Harry Potter 4736 - Freeing Dobby

I finally gave in and got my very first Harry Potter-themed Lego set, Freeing Dobby.

Box Art and Pieces:
Lego 4736 - Box Art Front

Lego 4736 - Box Art Back

Lego 4736 - Inventory of Pieces
 Pieces for the 3 mini-figures, and that of the book are not shown on the above photo.

Lego 4736 - Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy
The Harry Potter mini-figure is super cool. In particular, I like the gray torso with impressive detailed prints on both sides, and the two-sided head: one smiling and one serious look. Of course, I prefer the smiling face. I also noticed that the scar is more noticeable on the serious face.

Lego 4736 - Back Printing on Harry
 Here we can Lucius' long blonde hair, and part of Harry's serious-face print peeking out.

Lego 4736 - Spider! An unexpected visitor.

The Corridor:
Lego 4736 - Angled Shot of the Corridor

Lego 4736 - Dobby's Shrine
I assume that this structure is a corridor leading to the castle. Notice the two arches suggest depth. But for me this is just a shrine for Dobby.

Lego 4736 - The Bookworm
Here's a shot of the backside. I removed the poking mechanism since I will not be using it.
Harry has a rather huge book, maybe an encyclopedia of magic.

Lego 4736 - Freeing Dobby

Conclusion: I first of all, I really like the Harry Potter mini-figure. Dobby would have been great if his eyes are not like always looking up, though I understand he's smaller that the other mini-figures. The book and the spider are nice addition to this set. The structure is not bad at all though it could have been made better. I still don't get the two pearl-gold studs.

Rating: 7/10
Note: I got this set for C$10 instead of the regular price C$15. 

Extra Shot:
After being freed, Dobby got arrested again.

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