Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lego 2516 - Ninja Training Outpost

Chapters/Indigo had this 20%-off sale recently so I took advantage and bought 3 Lego sets. They also have an online $5-off coupon for any order, and free shipping for orders $25 and up.

Here's one of those sets: Lego 2516 Ninja Training Outpost.

Box Art and Instruction

Box Front

Go Ninjago!

Box Back

Ninja Cole at the upper right-hand corner holding a golden weapon not included in the set.
Also, I'm not sure if the knife will in fact attach to the target as pictured in the box.

Instruction Booklet


Pieces for the target and weapon rack.

Interesting Pieces


Minifig: Ninja Cole

Why so intense?

Ninja Cole

Black Cupid Ninja

Weapon Rack and Target

Great pieces

I'm not totally sold with the rack's design. In reality you cannot rest the samurai with just one support on one end. And what is the that white thing in the middle suppose to be?

Completed Set

My Thoughts: I got this set for C$5 (tax incl.). The reason I got this set is mainly because of the minifigure. Basically I like the Ninjago minifigs, if only these sets are cheap. I also like the other pieces on this set like the barrel, the scorpion, the bamboo leaves, the red bricks that hold the weapons, the blue and yellow target pieces, and the black camera-like piece used in target. If CMF sells for 3 bucks, why not get this set for 5 bucks. Yes, wait for it to go on sale!

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