Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lego Kingdoms Sets

Here are five of Lego Castle and Kingdoms sets in my wishlist.

Blacksmith Attack
Lego 6918 Blacksmith Attack
Basically a minifig set with nice accessories including weapons, a chicken, and a bucket.

Prison Carriage Rescue
Lego 7949 - Prison Carriage Rescue
A cheap set to get a horse and a carriage, nothing special.

King's Carriage Ambush
Lego 7188 - King's Carriage Ambush
The carriage screams Cinderella. Plus points for this set are the King minifig, trees, treasure chest, and spiderweb.

Mill Village Raid
Lego 7189 - Mill Village Raid
A sequel of MMV. Lots of livestocks - chicken, goats, a spotted pig, and a horse. The structures (barn and mill) looks great as well.

Medieval Market Village
Lego 10193 Medieval Market Village
Just check out the photo. This is one of the best sets ever.

All Photos from brickset.com

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