Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lego 30091: Pharaoh Quest - Desert Rover

You know everything is going well when..

My latest craziness acquisitions include this (Pharaoh Quest) Desert Rover and (Pirates of the Caribbean) Jack Sparrow' Boat impulse sets. From UK of course!

Packaging and Pieces

Front Art

Back Art

Pieces - Guns and Rover



Build Process

Build Process and Extra Pieces

Desert Rover



The Gunslinger

Lego 30091 Desert Rover

Thoughts: I like Pharaoh Quest Lego sets mainly because of the vehicles, and this impulse set is no exception. The front detail of the rover reminds me of the firetruck in Lego 10197 Fire Brigade, and the back wheel cover is a nice piece. I like the Gunslinger's sideburns and raised eyebrows. Though I must say there's nothing special on this set, after all it's just a promotional thing.

Rating: 7/10

Love at First Sight

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