Monday, April 4, 2011

Lego 7567 Traveler

Source: Brink Link
Price: $3.49

Let's start the show!

Lego 7567 Traveler - Front of the Box Packaging

Lego 7567 Traveller - Inventory of Pieces
It's in fact 22 pieces, with an extra 1x1 black circle. 

Lego 7567 Traveler - Assembled

A seen at the airport. Our traveler is excited, and ready to document his adventures using his camera.

Some Building Details

Lego 7567 Traveler - How the Wheels are Attached

Lego 7567 Traveler - How the Monitor attaches to the Pole

Here I used the extra piece at the very top of the pole.

The Traveler and His Accessories

Lego 7567 Traveler - Accessories include 2 Suitcases, a Camera, and a Sling Bag

Lego 7567 Traveler - Top View

Conclusion: The thing that convinced me to get this set is the camera. I think this set is more on the minifigure's accessories; camera and sling bag. Its price is comparable with that of collectible minifigures. I wish the minifgure is a free spirit female ready to conquer the world. That would have been interesting, and for a change too.

Rating: 7/10

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